Guildford craftsman portraits

Guildford craftsman portraits

Guildford craftsman portraits

Very often when I’m doing headshots they are of people in business dress who work in offices. All good, but not much variety!

So I was pleased to be asked by Will Lingard of Lingard Jones to create some portraits of him for his new website and social media accounts.

Will runs Lingard Jones, which is a business based just south of Guildford . They offer all kinds of “handyman” services, from putting up shelves or assembling furniture to installing window blinds, hanging doors, or creating custom joinery. Will has built a great reputation locally for his friendly and efficient service and his immense versatility.

During our photo session I wanted to first of all cover the bases with a standard portrait on a plain background. So I set up my white pop-up background and a small studio flash in Will’s kitchen, using a mix of flash and light reflected off the walls and ceiling.

Business portraits on location that tell a story

Once that was out of the way, I wanted to create some portraits that would refer to Will’s woodworking expertise. So first of all I got Will to sit in a relaxed pose at his wooden dining table and included that in the picture, as you’ll see below.

Next we went outside, where a wooden storage container provided a second “prop” – I had Will lean on this and also used the wooden garden fence in the background.

Finally, I had him sit with his back against the woodpile in the garden, providing an interesting backdrop and again hinting at Will’s woodworking skills.

For these shots I just used the natural daylight – it was an overcast day which provided a nice soft uniform light, perfect for simple portraits.

Here’s a selection of images from my photoshoot with Will – if you’d like to know more about how I can create something similar for you, please get in touch, and check out my business portraits gallery as well.

Guildford craftsman portraits - classic white background headshot Guildford craftsman portraits - handyman Will Lingard seated at a wooden table Guildford craftsman portraits - handyman Will Lingard Guildford craftsman portraits - handyman Will Lingard with a woodpile background

Guildford craftsman portraits

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