Corporate Events

Corporate events photography

Businesses often hold events to launch products, discuss industry topics, or make important announcements. However, unless you have a good selection of images from the day it’s hard to make the most of the event in terms of publicising it through social media, your website, or via the press.

You can invite the press to cover your event but unless it’s a very high-profile occasion they aren’t guaranteed to attend, or even to send a photographer.

Hiring a professional photographer to cover the event is the most cost-effective way to make sure that you have a good selection of high-quality images to use online and to send out to media contacts. In most cases the images can be ready within 24 hours and I can also arrange an online gallery or Dropbox storage for you, with an instant download facility.

Building a corporate events photo library

Another advantage of having your promotional events professionally photographed is that you can build a corporate photo library of images that will be available for instant use. Images of your executives and staff giving presentations and meeting key influencers add to their perceived authority in your industry. Having an archive of good-quality images of past events also helps when planning future projects.