Choiroke 2016 concert at Dorking Halls

Choiroke 2016 concert at Dorking Halls

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of once again photographing the Choiroke concerts at Dorking Halls.

Choiroke is an annual event bringing together amateur choirs from around Surrey to sing in a concert – with audience participation (hence the “-oke” part of the name!).

This year there were actually two concerts – one for schools choirs in the afternoon and then the adult choirs performed in the evening.

Choiroke is devised and run by Louise Camby of BRAVO Networking, and is now in its sixth year – and going from strength to strength. As well as being a lot of fun for both the participants and the audience, the event raises money for good causes. This year the aim was to raise funds to reinstate a workplace choir at East Surrey Hospital and to raise money for partner charity the Orpheus Centre.

Sir Richard Stilgoe and Orpheus

The Orpheus Centre was founded by Sir Richard Stilgoe in 1998, with the aim of providing young people with learning and/or physical impairments between the ages of 18 and 25 with a supportive environment where they can learn skills to help them lead independent lives in the community.

Sir Richard brought along two of his former Orpheus students who each performed a song, to great acclaim by the audience.

St George’s Day theme

As April 23rd happens to be St. George’s Day, there was a very patriotic feel to the proceedings, starting with the singing of the National Anthem in tribute to the 90th birthday of Her Majesty the Queen earlier in the week, and ending with rousing renditions of Jerusalem, Land of Hope and Glory, and Rule Britannia. Not only that, but one of the songs sung by each choir had a “George” connection.

Red and white Cross of St. George flags were provided for the audience and choirs alike, and conductor Sean Peters sported a very suitable red and white waistcoat for the occasion!

It was a wonderful evening and I was happy to be there to document it.

Here’s a selection of just a few of my favourite images.


Dorking Halls Choiroke 2016 concert venue Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-002 schools choirs rehearse for Choiroke 2016 concert Dorking Halls Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-004 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-010 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-011 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-012 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-013 Brooklands School Signing Choir perform at Choiroke 2016 concert Dorking Halls Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-015 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-016 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-017 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-018 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-019 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-020Pound Hill Junior School pupils perform at Choiroke 2016 concert Dorking Halls Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-022 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-023 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-024 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-025 children sing Land of Hope and Glory at Choiroke 2016 concert Dorking Halls Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-027 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-028 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-029 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-030 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-031 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-032 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-033 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-034 Louise Camby introduces the Choiroke 2016 concert Dorking Halls Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-036 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-037 Choirmaster Sean Peters at Choiroke 2016 concert Dorking Halls Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-039 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-040Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-041 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-042 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-043 Cobham and Woking Show Choirs perform at Choiroke 2016 concert Dorking Halls Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-045 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-046 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-047 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-048 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-049 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-050 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-051 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-052 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-053 The Downsmen singing on stage at Choiroke 2016 concert Dorking Halls Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-055 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-056 Loud and Proud choir perform Hallelujah at Choiroke 2016 concert Dorking Halls Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-058 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-059 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-060Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-061 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-062 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-063 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-064 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-065 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-066 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-067 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-068 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-069 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-070 Songbirds choir performing at Choiroke 2016 concert Dorking Halls Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-072 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-073 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-074 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-075 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-076 Sir Richard Stilgoe speaks at Choiroke 2016 concert Dorking Halls Sir Richard Stilgoe speaking about Orpheus Centre at Choiroke 2016 concert Dorking Halls Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-079 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-080Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-081 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-082 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-083 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-084 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-085 Banstead Show Choir singing at Choiroke 2016 concert Dorking Halls Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-087 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-088 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-089 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-090 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-091 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-092 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-093 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-094 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-095 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-096 Patriotic audience wave flags St George's Day Choiroke 2016 concert Dorking Halls Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-098 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-099 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-100Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-101 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-102 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-103 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-104 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-105 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-106 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-107 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-108 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-109 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-110 Choiroke-2016-concert-Dorking-Halls-111

Many thanks and congratulations to all those who took part in the Choiroke 2016 concert at Dorking Halls!

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