English wine seminar - wine being poured

English Wine Business Seminar

English Wine Business Seminar

My regular clients the Pull Agency recently convened a seminar / workshop / brainstorming session for the English wine industry. They brought together wine growers, wine merchants and other industry figures. The meeting aimed to find new ideas to promote and celebrate English wine and winemakers. Seminar moderators and presenters were Pull Agency’s MD Chris Bullick and Creative Director Darren Cornwall.

My role was to photograph the event at Guildford’s Harbour Hotel – documenting the day and capturing the personalities of the people involved. I had to take a few arty wine close-ups too of course! I started with coverage of the drinks reception, and then followed the delegates into the main hall for the workshop itself.

Documentary photography with quiet cameras

At corporate events I am in “fly on the wall” mode – moving around the edges looking for moments to capture. If the client wants a few posed group photos as well of course I am happy to do them, but this kind of event is normally 99% documentary coverage.

My very quiet Fujifilm cameras are ideal for shoots like this. The shutter is almost silent, the cameras are smaller than traditional dSLRs, and they have image stabilisation built in. This means I can use slower shutter speeds and avoid using distracting flash.

Depending on the client’s needs I aim to deliver the finished images within 48 hours, so they have them for press releases or social media use. I’m showing colour images in this blog post but I typically supply both colour and black and white.

Here’s a selection of my images from this shoot for the Pull Agency. If you’d like to know more about how I can cover a similar event for you please get in touch – and have a look at more of my event photography here on the website and blog.

English Wine Business Seminar - closeups of name badges English Wine Business Seminar - wine being poured English Wine Business Seminar - delegates chatting closeup of wine glass stems smiling seminar delegate wearing name badge conference delegates at Harbour Hotel Guildford discussion about English wine at workshop seminar conference closeup of wine bottle English sparkling wine delegates sitting at tables - wine industry conference Pull Agency MD Chris Bullick gives presentation at English Wine seminar Pull Agency Creative Director Darren Cornwall


English Wine Business Seminar by the Pull Agency at the Harbour Hotel Guildford

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