Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Track Day

Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Track Day at Bedford Autodrome

Now this was a fun day out! Not just for the participants but for me as well…

I was hired to document a track day at Bedford Autodrome for Mercedes-Benz Fleet dealers.  The participants were being rewarded for their top sales performance with a day out at PalmerSport – former F1 driver Jonathan Palmer’s track day experience at Bedford Autodrome.

The day started with breakfast, a briefing on the day’s events, and crash helmet fitting. Then the group was divided into teams, and began their series of driving challenges.

Starting with runs around the East Circuit in the two-seater Caterham 7 Superlight, the drivers were given expert tuition by PalmerSport instructors. They then graduated to the faster Ariel Atom, BMW M4 GTP, and Palmer Jaguar JP-LM sportscars.

Karting, doughnuts and off-roading

There were also opportunities for the teams to try their hands at karting, doing doughnuts in the Caterhams, and even off-roading in Land-Rover Defenders on a specially designed course.

Finally, the highlight of the day was doing laps of the challenging West Circuit in some “proper” slick-tyred racing cars – PalmerSport’s fleet of Formula 3000 single-seat racers, powered by a 3-litre Cosworth V6.

At the end of the day, after a delicious tea, awards were given to the best performers in each challenge. The competition was friendly but definitely determined!

It was a fantastic day out, and almost as much fun for me to photograph as for the drivers to take part in!

Here’s a selection of my photos from the day!

crash helmets waiting for drivers at PalmerSport Bedford Autodrome driver in Caterham 7 Superlight instructor briefs driver at Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Track Day Caterhams on track at Bedford Autodrome A narrow lead on track as Caterham 7s race at Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Track Day Bedford Autodrome Ariel Atom speeds by at Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Track Day BMW M4 sports cars A Jaguar follows a BMW through the curves at PalmerSport Bedford Autodrome Land-Rover Defenders ready for off-road action at Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Track Day Bedford Autodrome go-karting fun at Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Track Day Bedford Autodrome Formula 3000 single-seat racing cars in the pits at Bedford Autodrome A Formula 3000 single-seat racing car shows its speed at a Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Track Day at Bedford Autodrome

If your business or organisation is planning a similar corporate event and would like this kind of comprehensive photography coverage, please do get in touch!

Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Track Day at PalmerSport Bedford Autodrome

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